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-Trust-. That's a tough one.

...But I'm working on it.

28 January

Name:: Astronema.
Series:: Power Rangers.
Game:: multiversehaven.
Application:: Right here.
Scene List:: Right here.
Player:: aroihkin.
Status:: Active.
Alts:: List.

Basic Stats:

Age: 26
Race: Human
Height: 176.7cm / 5'8"
Weight: 56.8kg / 125lb


Astronema: So, this is what Power Rangers look like after they lose their powers? Mm, a sorry sight...

Astronema: Things are getting murky... we need a battle plan. One with teeth. Maybe we should invite Darkonda back.

[Zedd and Rita are on a viewscreen]
Rita Repulsa: There she is! You tell her, Zeddy!
Elgar: Your Majesty, I've got Rita and Lord Zedd on the horn for ya!
[Astronema turns to face them]
Lord Zedd: We don't need your plan!
Rita Repulsa: Right!
Lord Zedd: We... have our own!
Astronema: Quiet!
Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd: Ooh!
Astronema: I make the strategy, and you will follow orders.
Rita Repulsa: Oh, yeah? Well, who, may I ask, put YOU in charge?
Astronema: Dark Specter himself.
Elgar: Zing!
Lord Zedd: Dark Specter? Uh, ooh... well, in that case, we just love your plan!